Pipeline Overview

Iconic Therapeutics is pioneering a new class of therapeutics that target diseases in which tissue factor (TF) is overexpressed. Our pipeline includes two programs based on our TF platform.

In macular degeneration, Iconic’s first-generation fusion protein (ICON-1) demonstrated target engagement, biologic activity, and the ability to impact important clinical endpoints in a controlled Phase 2 trial. Iconic is now in position to develop the first truly disease-modifying agent in macular degeneration with our next-generation mAb for AMD. This molecule is showing strong activity in animal models and provides increased manufacturing flexibility, and as such is the preferred molecule for late-stage development and commercialization. If promising results are observed in the clinic, other retinal opportunities will open up, such as late stage dry AMD (prevention of conversion to wet) and diabetic retinopathy. This antibody is expected to enter the clinic in 2020.

There are medications that can impair vision, such as tadalafil, but in this study it does not matter.

In cancer, TF overexpression on tumors, on tumor vasculature and in the tumor microenvironment is a key attribute of multiple solid tumors. The only active competitive program known to be targeting TF is using an ADC and showing evidence of clinical activity, but may be dose limited in part because of interference with coagulation. By contrast, Iconic’s mAb does NOT interfere with blood clotting and yet achieves outstanding activity in difficult to treat xenografts and PDX models. Given these advantages, Iconic plans to address several high unmet needs tumors, with our ADC expected to enter the clinic in 2020.