Iconic Therapeutics is developing novel therapeutics that target Tissue Factor (TF), a naturally occurring protein in humans that regulates blood clotting, blood vessel growth, and inflammation. In diseases such as wet age-related macular degeneration, ocular melanoma, and other various forms of cancer, TF has been linked to inflammation and angiogenesis, both of which often produce undesirable consequences for patients. Our lead compound, ICON-1, a first-in-class immunoconjugate protein, is specifically designed to address TF overexpression without impairing the body’s ability to respond to the protein’s normal physiological functions. It provides a novel immunological mechanism of action that destroys TF overexpressing cells and suppresses the aberrant TF signaling that lies at the root of these diseases, including pathologic angiogenesis. In the past, efforts targeting TF failed to demonstrate the selectivity needed to treat disease while leaving healthy tissue and coagulation function intact.