ICON-1 is our lead compound. It belongs to a class of human immunoconjugate proteins (ICONs) being developed by Iconic Therapeutics. Unlike monoclonal antibodies, ICON-1 is constructed using a structural variant of the natural ligand of a disease-target protein to achieve high specificity and efficacy. Specifically, the targeting domain of ICON-1 consists of a modified version of human factor VII (FVII), the natural ligand of tissue factor (TF). When ICON-1 binds to cells that aberrantly overexpress TF, it signals the body’s immune system to remove the pathologic tissue, while leaving normal blood vessels and organ functions intact.

The ability of ICON-1 to bind to and eliminate existing pathologic vessels makes it an attractive candidate for the treatment of pathological neovascularization, a defining characteristic of wet AMD and ocular melanoma. As such, it represents a novel and potentially disease-modifying approach. This property of ICON-1 distinguishes it from other drugs currently used in the treatment of wet AMD or ocular melanoma.

Preclinical studies in animal models have demonstrated the ability of ICON-1 to prevent or reverse choroidal neovascularization and target tumor cells. In addition, preclinical and Phase 1 clinical trials have thus far shown that ICON-1 has an acceptable safety profile. Together, these studies indicate that ICON-1 may provide differentiated benefit to patients with wet AMD, as monotherapy and/or in combination with standard therapy, and ocular melanoma, as monotherapy and/or in combination with radiation.