Medical Research into Ocular Melanoma Treatments

Iconic Therapeutics is developing a new investigational drug called ICON-1 aimed at treating patients with OM. The drug is intended to target a specific marker located on the cancer cells and surrounding blood vessels called Tissue Factor (TF) and also potentially activate the body’s immune system to destroy the cancer cells and their blood supply.

Phase 1 Clinical Trial in Patients with Ocular Melanoma

In May 2016, Iconic started a Phase 1 clinical study that will provide important scientific information about how ICON-1 interacts with the affected eye tissues in OM. This study will determine if continued development of ICON-1 as a new OM treatment is warranted. Iconic is now recruiting patients to participate in this study at clinical centers in the United States.

Further information about this trial is available through the US government website
ICONIC OM TRIAL (ID# NCT02771340) where study locations are listed and details of participation are provided. Additional inquiries about the trial may be addressed by contacting 650-437-1000.

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